Super Showdown

By Nick Trost

This is an elaboration of "Showdown" from The Card Magic of Nick Trost (see page 216). The original trick is a diabolical version of the "Ten Card Poker Deal." Nick has expanded this into a remarkable four phase routine. Here's what happens: 1) the magician shuffles the deck and deals out five poker hands. The magician wins with a full house. 2) The cards are reassembled and the deck is shuffled again. Five hands are dealt. Before the hands are shown the spectators are allowed to switch their hands for any other hand (including the magician's.) The hands are shown. The magician wins. 3) Three of the hands are discarded. The remaining ten cards are shuffled and the top two cards are removed, face down. The spectator decides who gets which card. This is continued for all ten cards. The hands are shown. The magician wins. 4) The procedure of phase 3 is repeated, but this time the game is stud poker. Two cards are removed, face down. The spectator decides who gets which card. The next two cards are turned face up and the spectator decides who gets which card. This is continued for the remaining six cards. After two hands have been dealt, the spectator has the option to switch his hand for the magician's hand. The hands are revealed, the magician wins.

This is a remarkable routine which requires almost no sleight-of-hand ability. (The only sleight is the Jog Shuffle, and this move is explained in the instructions.) A 25 card stack is required, as are some gaffed cards which are included. (The gaffs look great, by the way.) This is not the kind of routine which will be suitable for all performing situations; you need a large enough performing area to allow you to deal out five poker hands, and because of the stack there is substantial reset time. However, in the right situation, this routine would kill. But, if you chose not to do the whole routine you can always just do the last two phases (which are the original "Showdown" routine) and this would reset quite quickly. Highly recommended.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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