Siamese Coins

by Mike Gallo

This is a very fine gaff/booklet/video package from Meir Yedid. You get the necessary gaff (which is well made), a 44 page booklet explaining 12 routines and 7 adjunct sleights, and a video which shows Mike Gallo performing all the routines. Included are several variations on the "Matrix" effect, coins across, technically simplified versions of "Hanging Coins" and the Ramsay "Coins and Cylinder," and two routines which I think would be of great use to the walk-around performer: "Exact Change Only" and "Jackpot Slot." The plots of the last two routines are from Dr. Sawa, but the use of the Siamese coins gaff reduces the technical requirements considerably.

On the video, Mike performs all these routines while seated, but in many cases the instructions provide alternate methods should the performer chose to stand.

For what you would normally pay for just a video, Meir has provided a complete instructional package. I'm very impressed. If you're into coins (or you want to be into coins), "Siamese Coins" should be on your list of "must have" items.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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