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by Mike King and Bill White

I have mentioned before that it is extremely difficult to review music. I have no idea of your needs or your taste in music, nor can I effectively describe music in words. So all I really can do is give you some idea of the production values of the music, and how varied the styles are.

Music for Magicians is the first offering from Mike King and Bill White. Bill composed the music and played keyboards; Mike played midi guitar and arranged and mixed the compositions. All the tunes are royalty free, which means that if you purchase the cassette you are free to use the music as you wish without further financial obligation.

For the most part these are fairly simple tunes, featuring a lead voice with some type of accompaniment. To my ears they are obviously synthesized, and whether that bothers you depends on your opinion of synthesized music. There are 13 cuts, and the length of the pieces ranges from: 48 to 2:45. There is approximately 23 minutes of music on the cassette. The music is well produced.

There are some up-tempo grooves offered, but many of the cuts are more mellow than other "music for magic" discs I have heard. You should be aware, however, that Music for Magicians Volume 1 comes to you on a cassette, and this means that there will be some tape "hiss" which cannot be eliminated.

Mike and Bill also offer to customize any of these cuts for you, and they can provide original custom music. At $14.95 Music for Magicians is reasonably priced, and if you are searching for music on a budget, it is certainly worth checking out.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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