Intimate Miracles The Magic of Dean Dill

By Tim Trono

Dean Dill is the creator of "Blizzard," the card effect which took the magic world by storm (pardon the pun again) earlier this year. Intimate Miracles contains 11 routines from Dean's professional repertoire. Dean's magic is very visual, not particularly difficult, and has been worked out to the last detail. The emphasis is on non-card repertoire (hooray!), and I would not be surprised if one or two items find their way into your repertoire. And, as an added bonus, the book comes with an accompanying performance video, so you can get a feel for how these routines look.

The book begins with the three routines that Dean performed for Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show. (Mr. Carson wrote the Foreword to Intimate Miracles.) In "Tonight Show Silks" two spectators hold a red handkerchief stretched out between their hands. A yellow handkerchief is pushed into the center of the outstretched red one. The yellow handkerchief immediately vanishes. The red handkerchief is placed aside and the spectators take grasp of a blue handkerchief. The magician reaches into the center of the blue handkerchief and magically withdraws the missing yellow handkerchief. The magician offers to repeat the trick using the red handkerchief. The red handkerchief is pushed into the outstretched blue one and vanishes. However, as a kicker, it is reproduced from the sleeve of one of the assisting spectators. "Tonight Show Matrix" follows the standard matrix effect with a "backfire" kicker. This really looks good, and is not terribly difficult, but be aware that it must be performed on a soft surface (such as a close-up pad). "Tonight Show Closer" is a card routine in which a selected card vanishes from the deck and appears, folded-up, under a metal cup. The magician offers to cause the folded card to penetrate the cup again. The card vanishes, and when the cup is lifted there is an orange under the cup. The orange is sliced in half and inside is the folded up selected card. (Note that this routine does not use a signed card.) Of these three routines, I think that the "Tonight Show Silks" is the most useful for the average magician. It can be done under any conditions, and the production of the handkerchief from the spectator's sleeve is a memorable moment.

Other routines include a very commercial stand-up sponge ball routine, a routine in which a signed dollar bill vanishes and appears inside a sugar packet (this routine is one of the highlights of the book and is perfect for the restaurant worker), Dean's well thought out handling of John Cornelius' "Pen through Anything," a routine in which four coins assemble under a paper napkin (this seems to have its roots in John Kennedy's "Translocation," and you'll need to perform it on a soft surface), a floating match routine (to be honest, this looked like a match hanging from a thread, but perhaps it's possible to come up with a presentation with more of an emotional hook - here's a hint: look in the first volume of the Tannens' bound reprint of the Jinx), and Dean's routine for his commercially available trick, "Spotlight." This is a sponge ball routine in which a beam of light is captured inside a sponge ball. This is a pretty routine, but you'll need to purchase the prop in order to perform it.

Intimate Miracles was written by Tim Trono, and I believe that this is Tim's first attempt at writing a magic book. Unfortunately, there are a few times when his inexperience shows, for there are a few explanatory passages which are very confusing. (A prime example is on page 13 during the explanation of the "Tonight Show Matrix." Adding to the confusion is the fact that the two accompanying illustrations are reversed: the text describes the left hand performing an action, the illustrations show the right hand performing the action.) Fortunately, the videotape comes to our aid here. If you watch the video as you work your way through the explanations you should be able to figure out what's going on.) Remember, the video is a demonstration of the effects only; there are no explanations on the video. I wish that the tape could have shown Dean working for real people, rather than the contrived setting using his son and another young man as helpers, because the performance feels a little flat to me. However, the video certainly serves its purpose as a guide to showing you how the routines look, and it will clarify any confusion in the text.

The bottom line: This is top-notch material which will be of particular value to real world close-up workers. Recommended.

Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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