Improved Finger Chopper

by Mickey Hades

This is a wonderful prop, one that will definitely fool any little kid who owns a slum variety plastic or metal finger chopper. The chopper is a little over five inches tall and is in two parts: the stocks which hold the blade, and the rectangular case in which the stocks are placed.

The beauty of this is that the stocks can be removed and the spectator can thoroughly examine them. The blade does not move. He can also examine the case. The stocks are returned to the case, the spectator puts his finger through the big hole in the case, and the blade is apparently driven through his finger. (There is a small hole at the bottom of the case so you can chop a match or toothpick at the same time.) After the penetration, the spectator removes his finger and everything can be examined again.

As I said up front, this is a wonderful prop. But, be aware of one important thing: You can hurt yourself or your spectator if you don't follow the directions carefully.

When the blade is locked, it is really locked, and could cause some damage. This trick will not be sold to minors, and I think that's a good idea. Handled properly, though, this is a real miracle, and I recommend it.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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