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by Doc Dixon

One of the pleasures of the 1994 IBM convention in Orlando was the opportunity to meet and spend time with Doc Dixon (a.k.a. Zoltar - Master of the Inappropriate Gesture.. .It's a long story.. .Ask me about it when I see you.) Doc sent along two very fine close-up items, both of which would make excellent additions to your repertoire.

"Heart Transplant" is a card trick in which the heart pips are (apparently) removed from various cards and transplanted to the two of hearts. The first time this happens the two of hearts becomes the three of hearts, but the transplanted heart is in the wrong place. Another heart is moved and the three becomes the four of hearts, but this newly transplanted heart is broken in half. A female spectator is enlisted to save the day. She touches the card and it turns into a normal four of hearts, proving that "a lovely lady can fix a broken heart, and that the magician's heart is in the right place."

The above description may make this seem to be "corny," but I think that in the hands of a sensitive performer this could be a very charming trick. Doc offers three different handlings (including one which requires minimum technical ability), but anyone who plans on adding this to their repertoire will probably work out their own routine.

"Change of Mind" is a prediction trick in which two spectators guess the amount of change in a small pay envelope. When the change is dumped out and counted it is discovered that the spectators' guess is two cents over the actual amount. The magician withdraws a small card from the pay envelope. It says, "IOU two cents." The envelope is completely empty and may be examined.

This is a very clever trick and it fooled me the first time I saw it. It's perfect for walk around magic and resets quickly. If you're working professionally you will want to take Doc's suggestion and upgrade the plastic wallet (which comes with the trick) with a prop that you probably already own.

These are two fine, usable tricks and are reasonably priced. I recommend them.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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