From a shuffled deck in use

by Paul Cummins

I first heard of Paul Cummins from Chris Moore, one of the founders and first manager of Illusions. Chris had worked with Paul at the Magic Moment restaurant in Sarasota. Chris raved about Paul's work, and with the publication of these two sets of lecture notes I can understand the enthusiasm. The emphasis is on card magic, specifically routines which can be done at any time with "a shuffled deck in use."

Paul is a very fine technician, but he is also concerned about entertaining his audiences, so you will find that these routines combine interesting (and sometimes difficult) methods with and an understanding of how to make a routine commercial and memorable.

Part one contains 16 routines, including: "Counting on It," a routine which was very popular with one my Illusions colleagues; "Prevarication Detection," which is a nice handling of the "Lie Detector" plot; and "The Multiple Location Routine," in which many cards are selected, and all are found in interesting way. This excellent treatise is worth the price of admission.

Part two contains 10 card routines and 6 coin routines. Again, the material is uniformly excellent, and I have been reading rave reviews for the "Top Billing" coin routine, which is a "Matrix" style routine which uses bills as covers.

These are lecture notes, which means that there are bare-bones production values. There are no illustrations, and it is assumed that the reader is familiar with standard card and coin techniques. However, Paul is currently planning a fairly large lecture tour, so it would behoove you to try and catch him if plays a city near you. Also, Paul includes both his email and "snail mail" addresses, and says he will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

This is a fine collection of card and coin material. I highly recommend it to close-up enthusiasts.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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