Fried Thrice

by Jon Racherbaumer

In the introduction to the instructions of this trick Jon Racherbaumer explains that his goal was to "capitalize on Max Maven's (aka Phil Goldstein) 'B Wave' by making it the climax of a three phase routine. The first two phases are by Ed Marlo. The routine goes like this: The magician lays out three piles of cards. The first pile contains the four jacks, which are face up. The second pile contains the four queens, which are face down. The third pile contains the four kings, which are face up. The spectator names one of the jacks. The pile is turned face down and that jack is shown to have a different colored back. This is repeated with the king pile. For the final phase, one of the queens is designated. Not only is that queen face up in the face down pile, but her back is of a different color, and the other three cards in the pile are blank.

This is a very clever routine, and the repetition factor certainly would make the final "B'Wave" payoff a strong one. Jon originally explained this combination in his 1981 European lecture tour, and then published it in his PSI-Clones lecture notes. (The title there was "Pumping B'Wave.") California Magic asked for and received permission to sell it. Jon is not involved in the project.

So what's my problem? My problem is that I'm not sure that this is something which should be sold as a separate item. For your $10 you get eight ungaffed playing cards and three single sided sheets of instructions. In order to perform the routine you will need to know how to do the Elmsley count and the Olram subtlety. Neither of these moves is explained in the instructions. You will also need to purchase "B'Wave" (which is a wonderful trick) in order to do the complete routine.

Now that you know what you're getting, if you think that it's a fair deal then by all means pick this up; it's a strong routine which requires only average technical ability. I just wanted you to be able to make an informed decision.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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