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by Peter Duffie

Peter Duffie is one clever guy. He seems to have the knack of creating outstanding card routines which require little or no technical ability, and which avoid the cumbersome mathematical methods which plague so many "self-working" card tricks. In his new book Effortless Card Magic, Peter offers us 70 routines which provide maximum impact for minimum effort.

The material is divided into 14 chapters, each devoted to a particular type of effect. There are productions, coincidence effects, lie detector routines, four ace tricks, transpositions, spelling tricks, and routines based on Hofzinser and Hummer plots. I can't possibly go into detail about the material, but I will mention three items which caught my fancy: "The Diary of Delusion," is an extremely interesting approach to the well-known (at least to readers of this column) Danson diary trick. What makes this version so refreshing is that it does not stem from Elmsley's "Fate's Datebook." "Clear to the Point" involves the disappearance of a selected card from between two jokers while the entire three card packet is enclosed in a clear plastic envelope. And finally, "Vanished or Gone" is a very clever trick in which a freely named card vanishes from the deck. This trick also appealed to Bob Farmer, who offers a humorous presentation.

There is enough material here to keep a budding card man happy for a long, long time. But, don't shrug off these tricks just because they don't depend on muscle magic. You'll find tricks in here which will smoke both laymen and your pals at the magic club. Highly recommended, especially for those who are just getting started in card magic.

(By the way, there is an omission on page 13 of the book. I contacted Peter and he gave me the missing information. Step D should read: "As the left hand is tossing its packet, your right hand picks up the face up section at its right edge - fingers below and thumb on top - and drops it onto the left hand group [figure 6].)

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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