Commercial Carney

by John Carney

Speaking of John Carney (another good one, oh Prince of Blends), I should let you know that John has a new video out. It's called Commercial Carney, and its the last of the trio of videos covering the material in Carneycopia. Routines include: "Bullet Train," a rapid fire version of Cards up the Sleeve; "Oil over Troubled Waters," a clever Oil and Water routine with a full deck kicker; "Easy as Hell Prediction," a card trick whose name says it all; "Inscrutable," John's tightened up version of Derek Dingle's "Regal Royal Flush"; "Versa Switch," an excellent utility move; "Swing Blade," one of John's favorite impromptu tricks from Sach's Sleight of Hand; and "The Thirteenth Victim," one of my all time favorite Carney routines in which the infamous bullet catching trick is recreated.

The production values are very good, and the cover art on the box is hilarious. John's performances and explanations are top-notch. I wish, however, that there had been an audience present. John is one of my favorite performers, and a truly funny man, but without an audience he seems to be rather subdued. But this is a small quibble. If you don't have a copy of Carneycopia (and if you don't, shame on you) this will give you a chance to sample a bit of the Carney world-class repertoire. If you have the book, I'm sure you'll enjoy watching John demonstrate and explain the routines.

(By the way, the first two videos in the series, Classic Carney and Chicarnery, are still available, and John is offering them at a special price of $35 each, postpaid. As a special deal you can get all three tapes for $100 postpaid, $120 for PAL.)

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Fundamentals of Magick

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