Card in Ceiling

by Damian Surr and Neil Sorsby

This is the strangest thing that I saw at the Blackpool convention. The effect is the same as the standard Card on Ceiling, but with one big difference: the chosen card does not stick flat against the ceiling, it appears to have been driven into the ceiling, and hangs down with one corner imbedded into the surface of the ceiling.

There are trade offs, of course. The method of choosing the card is a little more cozy than with the standard effect. Rather than the card being signed, a signed sticker is affixed to the selected card. The deck is then placed into the cellophane wrapper (which has been removed from the card case), and several rubber bands are wrapped around the whole thing. Then the deck is heaved at the ceiling. The wrapped deck falls, leaving the selected card hanging down with its corner (apparently) stuck in the ceiling. I should tell you that the card is not actually stuck in the ceiling, but the illusion is absolutely perfect.

Damien tells me that this trick is just as reliable as the standard version. You will probably have to check out a new ceiling to make sure the card will adhere (but this is something you often have to do when attempting card on ceiling in a new location.) If you're looking for a weird twist on a standard effect, this is well worth checking out.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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