by Dean Dill

I know Dean Dill by reputation only, and what I have heard has only been good. If "Blizzard" is representative of his creative abilities, then I can certainly understand why he gets such good "press." This is a remarkable trick, one that has smoked some very sharp people (including my pal and former collaborator, Mac King), and I wish that I

would have had the chance to experience it before I found out what the method was. I'm sure I would have been completely fooled.

Here's the effect: A deck of cards is removed from its case. A spectator is asked to name any card in the deck. Without showing the faces of the cards, the magician removes the named card (let's say the Seven of Hearts) and the other three sevens. These cards are handed face down to the spectator, and the spectator is asked to mix them. The four cards are spread out on the table and the spectator is asked to try to pick the Seven of Hearts. He may or may not be successful (it makes no difference to the final effect). Let's say he hits it. The Seven of Hearts is turned face up. "There is a reason why you were drawn to the Seven of Hearts," says the magician. The other three cards are turned face up. They are blank. The rest of the deck is turned face up and is spread out on the table. All the cards are blank! The only card with a face is the named Seven of Hearts. And best of all, everything is examinable at this point.

This is a real mind blower. It requires only a modicum of skill. However, it does require nerve. The move which makes the trick work is extremely bold, and on first reading the method you will think, "I can't get away with that." Rest assured, you can. I have done this trick for everyone I could corral, and none of them had a clue. The routine can be done standing, and you will need a table or some other surface to perform on. Because of the audience management involved, I think that the routine is best suited for 1 to 6 spectators. Those are the only restrictions I can think of. "Blizzard" is a wonderful trick, and I wish that you could see someone perform it. Believe me, the money would be out of your pocket before the deck cooled off. Highly recommended.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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