So The House That Jack Built

The magician makes an impromptu card house out of three playing cards by folding them in half, as in Figure 29, and assembling them on top of the card case. Figures 30 and 31 show how the card house is constructed.

Fig. 29

A spectator tries to guess the address of the card house. Whatever number he calls out, this number is used to aid in the selection of a card. His card may be a jack. The jack vanishes from the deck and is found in the card case under the card house. For the finish, the house is shown to indeed be the house that Jack built because all of the cards that went into its construction turn out to be jacks.

Fig. 29

Method: Beforehand arrange to have three jacks on top of the deck and the fourth jack thirteenth from the top. Say this jack is the ♦j. In the card case is a duplicate Aj from a matching deck.

Remove the top three cards from the deck and fold them in half as in Figure 29. Try not to show the feces of these three cards to the audience. Place two of them together on top of the card case as shown in Figure 30 to form the walls of the card house. Then use the third folded card to form the roof. The finished card house is shown in Figure 31. Point to the card case under the card house and remark that the card case represents the finished basement.

Ask a spectator to guess the address or street number of the card house, adding that the street number is between ten and 20. Whatever number he names, deal that many cards off the top of the deck. Assume the number is 14. After you have dealt 14 cards, say to the spectator, "The number 14 is made up of two digits, a 1 and a 4." Deal one card onto the table to represent the 1 in his number. Then deal four cards onto the table for the 4 in his number. Hand him the last card dealt and ask him to remember this card. It will be the

Tell him to put his card onto the top of the deck. Then have him pick up all of the dealt cards and place them on top of his card. Take the deck behind your back and say you will try to find his card. Unknown to the audience, at this point his card will be tenth from the top. Silently deal nine cards from top to bottom, then slip the tenth under your belt in the back. Remove the next card, take it into view but don't show it. Look at this card and say, "Did you pick the jack of clubs?" When the spectator says yes, bring the deck out and insert the supposed «i»J into the center. Say, "That's funny because the address you gave me, the number 14, is the address of the house that jacks built." As you say this, remove the three cards that make up the card house and show that they are all jacks.

"Even more amazing, the other brother, the jack of clubs, lives in the basement." Open the card case and remove the ♦j. The audience can look through the deck but there is nothing to find.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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