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Riffle-shuffle setups represent one of the newest areas to emerge in card magic. In tricks of this nature the spectator is allowed to shuffle the deck. Although it would seem that the deck is in random order after the shuffle, in feet the magician can control the distribution of cards in the entire deck. It is this surprising feet which leads to strong card tricks using shuffle setups.

Except where noted, the material in this chapter is from my own files. The chapter begins with simple ideas and then goes on to more sophisticated tricks using riffle-shuffle setups. Occasionally familiar plot ideas are employed but they emerge here in unexpected new ways.

Tricks using riffle-shuffle setups exploit a kind of thinking that is different from anything else in card magic. It is not unlikely to find that although you know how these tricks work, you are not sure why. This chapter represents a roundup of current thinking in a provocative area of card magic.

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