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In this novel routine the magician remarks that he has a friend who can play Stud Poker by telephone. The spectator freely chooses a card. There is no force. The spectator signs his name on the card. Then he adds four more cards to it to make a Five-Card Stud Poker hand. He mixes the five cards and turns one of them fere down for the hole card. Then he calls off the four face-up cards to the medium over the telephone.

Without asking a question she names the hole card, then she goes on to name the card signed by the spectator!

The spectator may call out the four face-up cards in any order. There is no code. The medium's name and phone number are known to the spectator ahead of time. The spectator has a free choice of cards, and the name of his card need not be known to the magician.

Method: The trick uses a force but the subtle angle is that the card chosen by the spectator is not the force card. In fact it is the only card that is not forced.

On top of the deck have four known cards. Say they are the A A, ¥4, 4k8 and This is the only preparation. These four cards must be known to the medium ahead of time. She can jot them down on a slip of paper and have the paper near the phone in readiness for this trick.

When ready to present the routine, place the deck face down on the table. Ask the spectator to cut off about half and place it on the table. Then hand him the lower half, and ask him to shuffle it and place it on top of the tabled half, but at right angles. A view of the situation at this point is shown in Figure 46 on page 78.

Remove a slip of paper from the pocket. Written on it is the name and phone number of the medium. Place it in full view on the table. Then have the spectator take the top card of the top packet, look at it and sign his name across the face.

lift off the upper packet and place it aside. Then deal the top four cards of the lower packet onto the table. These are the four cards you placed on top of the deck previously, but it looks as if they are four random cards from the middle of the pack.

Have the spectator add his signed card to the four dealt cards. Then tell him to mix them face up and turn one face down. If it is the signed card, have him turn three more cards face down so that only one card remains face up. Tell him this will be the hole card. The hole card must not be the signed card, but it can be any other card.

The situation now is that there are four face-up cards on the table and one face-down card. Remark that this represents a Stud Poker hand and that the medium has the ability to play Stud Poker by phone.

The spectator calls the medium and names the four face-up cards in any order. Knowing what the four force cards are, the medium notes which one was not called out. This is the hole card. If for example the spectator calls out «frA, V4, 4*8 and the medium notes that the was not called out so she knows this must be the hole card. Further, the spectator called out the <#»3, which is not one of the four cards on her list, so she knows this must be the signed card. She then goes on to reveal the identity of the hole card and the signed card.

In keeping with the poker theme, instead of having the spectator sign the face of his card, have him place an X on the back. Explain that this card represents a marked card since it is marked on the back. You further explain that you know someone who can play Stud Poker over the telephone and who has the remarkable ability of being able to detect marked cords via telephone. The medium is called, she names the hole card, then ponders a bit and goes on to identify the marked card.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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