Gambling Secrets

Almost everyone has played cards, even if only the occasional game of Old Maid or Go Fish, and has probably wished for the ability to deal himself a winning hand. Gambling demonstrations are always popular because they satisfy the dream of being able to control a deck-of cards.

if you can deal any hand called for, demonstrate your prowess at a classic swindle like Three-Card Monte or produce the aces, you will have impressed your audience with a demonstration of uncanny skill. These feats and others will be explained in this chapter.

In this quick demonstration of skill at Seven-Card Stud Poker you deal a face-down heap of seven black cards and a separate facedown heap of seven red cards. Don't show the audience the faces of the cards as you remove them from the deck. Place one heap on top of the other.

Hold the face-down packet from above in the right hand. The left thumb draws the top card off. Simultaneously the left fingers draw the bottom card off, in Figure 61. Explain that you will draw pairs of cards off like this and that at some point the spectator is to call stop.

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