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BEFOREHAND arrange a pack of cards so that every second card from the top is a H, thus; the second card, the fourth card, the sixth card and so on are all H's, running from the A up to the 10. In your right-hand coat pocket have a set of duplicate H cards in the same order. Ask a spectator to call a number between one and twenty-one. If it is an even number ask him to count down and look at the card at that number, but if an odd number is called, tell him to deal to that number and look at the next card, and then shuffle the pack. In the meantime, standing at case with both hands in your trousers pockets, you have ample time to count to the duplicate of the chosen card and palm it in your right hand.

Throw your handkerchief over your right hand, take the pack back in your left hand and lay it on the handkerchief just over the palmed card. Turn your hand so that the pack is upright and facing the front. Fold the back of the handkerchief over to the front, then fold it back on both sides of the pack so that the card at the back is securely held. Grasp the fabric by the four corners and the folds, letting the pack hang down in the improvised bag. With a little shaking the card will be freed from the folds and gradually appear, seeming to come through the fabric.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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