The following five cards are placed face up in an even row on the table, KH, 7C, AD, 4H and 9D. The performer addresses a spectator, somewhat as follows:

"I have picked out five cards at random and I want you to mentally select just one. You have an unrestricted choice and You must not think that I am trying to influence you in any way. For instance, here is an ace, occupying the central position; you may think of it, and again you may not. Perhaps you think I had a motive in placing just one black card among the cards. This might influence your choice, or again it might not. At any rate look over the five cards carefully, as long as you wish, but rest assured that whatever card you definitely decide upon I skull presently place face down upon your hand and, when you yourself are holding the card, I shall ask you to name your card. It will be your card. Even when the card is on your hand you have the privilege of changing your mind, still the card will be the one thought of."

When the spectator has made his mental choice, pick up the five cards, mix them, draw out the 4H and put it on his hand face down. He names his card, it is almost inevitably the 4H. The trick is a purely psychological one. The spectator rejects the Ace and the King as being too conspicuous, the 7C is the one black card and anyway 7 has become an overworked number in such tricks, the 9D is never chosen, being widely considered an unlucky card, and this reasoning leaves one card only, the 4H. Your patter must be directed towards making the spectator consider each card and form a reason for rejecting or choosing it; if you allow a snap choice the trick is almost certain to fail.

Until you have had some experience with the effect instead of putting the 4H on the spectator's hand, simply lay five cards in a pile with the 4H on the top and KH at the bottom. Then if the KH is named simply turn the packet over.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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