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You require a pack, one extra card with the same back pattern and two visiting cards. Discard the Joker and any one of the other cards, inserting in its place the extra card, say the 7D. Find the 7D belonging to the pack and put it on top, the duplicate on the bottom. On one of the two visiting cards write 'Seven of Diamonds'. Turn the written side downwards and put the blank card on top, now put them in a waistcoat pocket, blank card outside.

Show the pack by spreading the faces without exposing the top 7D and riffle shuffle leaving top and bottom cards in place. Divide the pack into two packets of twenty-six cards, by counting off twenty-six from the top without reversing the order of the cards; then count the remainder reversing them in the count. You have thus two packets of twenty-six with a 7D on the top of each. Ask a spectator to call a number between one and twenty-six. Count to that number reversing the cards, bringing a 7D to that position. Put the packet down, take out the visiting cards. Let the top side be seen to be blank, turn over the two and on the blank side of the lower one write the number just called. Put this card on top of the packet, 7D side downwards. Take the other packet and have someone else call a number, count down to it again reversing the cards. Write the number on the second visiting card letting both sides be seen. Force the choice of the first packet, hand it to the spectator to deal to the number he called where he finds the 7D. Hand the visiting card to him and he finds the name of that card written on it. In the meantime you have wet your thumb with saliva. Pick up the packet, transferring the moisture to the back of the top card. Place the 7D on it, cut the cards burying it, unobtrusively squeeze the packet and order the 7D to pass to the other packet at the number chosen freely and recorded on the other visiting card. Let a spectator pick up that packet and hold it. Deal your cards face up, the 7D sticks to the back of the wet card; it has vanished. The other 7D is found at the chosen number.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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