Thought Card from Pocket

ANY pack having been thoroughly shuffled by a spectator, take it back and casually spread the cards from the top as if to have one drawn, really count fifteen, insert tip of little finger and close the spread. Announce that instead of having a card drawn you will attempt to find one merely thought of. Take off the fifteen cards above the little finger and lay the rest down. Take out of the fifteen any Club, then any Heart, any Spade and lastly any two Diamonds: remember the order C H S D D but take no notice of the values except that of the last D which you must remember. Fan these five cards and ask a spectator to mentally select one. This done, drop the five on top of the pack and throw the other packet of ten on top of them and square the pack. False shuffle and cut if you can, then casually cut some cards off the top, really five exactly, and push them into the middle; do the same with a small number, any number of cards from the bottom. Again cut five exactly off the top, put them in the middle and any small number from the bottom into the middle.

The five cards from which the card was mentally selected are now on the top and several riffle shuffles may be made safely leaving them there. Place the pack in your breast pocket and have the card named. You can then instantly produce it from the pack.

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