The Spelling

Cannel-Key Card

EFFECT. From a thoroughly shuffled pack, three spectators each choose freely any four cards. Each of them mentally selects one card. Performer, going to one of them and cutting the pack, says, 'Please put your card here,' and he holds out the lower portion of the pack. 'Now drop your other cards on top of it,' he adds. He then openly drops the rest of the pack on top of these. He goes through the same procedure with the other two persons and then shuffles the pack. Asking the last person who replaced his card to name the one he thought of, suppose it is the 6S, the performer spells SIX, taking off a card for each letter and turns the next, it is the 6S. He does the same with the other two. The value only is spelt, the suits are ignored.

SECRET. A key card is required, a short, a long or any kind of key card you prefer. When the first spectator replaces his card you have cut the pack including the key card. Drop the cut on top openly and square up. Go to the second person, again cut at and include the key card and have his four cards replaced, thus bringing them on top of the other four. Do the same with the third person. Finally cut at the key as before and shuffle the cards in the right hand on the face of the lower packet, thus bringing the three sets of four cards to the top of the pack. Begin with the third person and ask him to name his card; if it is an A, 2, 6, or 10, spell and take off three cards turning up the fourth; if it is the 4, 5, 9, J, or K, turn the fourth card; if it is a 3, 7, 8, or Q, pull the fourth card back on the pack with the left thumb, take it off again and show it as the fifth card. Hold this card in your hand as you ask the next person to name his card-if it is a three- or four-letter card drop it with the others on the table, but if it happens to be a five-letter card put it back on top, making the spelling correct. Do the same for the remaining card.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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