The Secret Mathematician N

In A VERSION of the effect by Albright the AS and 2H are put in the right coat pocket, the 4D and 8C in the left pocket. A spectator shuffles and cuts the pack in half, retaining one half. You take the other half and divide it in half, placing one half in each of the two pockets, and immediately removing them together with the cards already in the pockets which are then examined to prove the absence of any apparatus. The trick then proceeds as an example of sensitive finger-tips, the required cards being produced from either pocket as required.

Probably the simplest way to do the trick is to seize an opportunity during a previous trick to get the four necessary cards together. When ready to do the trick you have merely to look through the pack for the Joker and casually cut the cards bringing the four to the bottom. Riffle shuffle several times, always letting four or more cards fall first from the left hand, square the pack and have a spectator cut off about half the cards and retain them. The other packet you place in your pocket and proceed as usual, drawing the cards as required from the bottom.

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