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EFFECT. From any thoroughly shuffled pack a spectator cuts a packet and shuffles it. This is placed in the performer's inside coat pocket. The remaining cards are also shuffled by a spectator and from them he takes any card and first calls its suit only. Instantly the performer brings out a card of that suit from his pocket. Next the value of the card is called and the performer brings out in rapid succession two or more cards whose spots added together make the same value.

SECRET. As with so many good tricks this is simple. It was first sold by Jordan some twenty years ago.

Under cover of searching for the Joker you find and bring to the face of the pack an A, a 2, a 4, and an 8, each of a different suit. These may be in any order, but whatever it is it must be remembered. To avoid this memorizing you may use four set cards, say AC, 2H, 4S, and 8D, and get them to the bottom in that order. Discard the Joker and have a spectator cut a packet from the top and shuffle it. While he does this separate the four special cards at the bottom of the remainder of the pack, and hold the division at the loner end with the right thumb. Take the shuffled packet back in your left hand and bring the right-hand packet over it for a moment as you turn to the left to hand this packet to a spectator to hold. In that moment drop the four separated cards on top of the shuffled packet in the left hand. Quietly and smoothly done, without any snatching motion the action will never be noticed. Hand the right-hand packet to a spectator and put the left-hand packet in your inner breast pocket.

Knowing the suit and value of each of the four top cards you can now match the suit and value with any card called, by bringing out the card of the right suit first, then one, two or three cards to make up the value. If the card brought out to show the suit is needed in the value combination simply count it first and follow with the other card or cards from the pocket.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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