The Sagacious Joker N4

IN THIS method four cards are freely selected and placed in spectator's pocket without being looked at as in the first method, but in putting the pack aside you must note the bottom card and really take the Joker only in your hand. Suppose the bottom card is the 7S. Advance to the first person, touch the Joker to the outside of his pocket and slowly name the color and value of the bottom card of the pack, in this case the 7S. To get the shape of the pips you say direct contact must be made. Insert the Joker, drop it and seize the card already in the pocket. Now name the suit, S, and bring out the card holding it face down. Tell the spectator to leave his card as it is till you come back to him. As you go to the second person tilt the card in your hand a little and sight the outer index. Go through exactly the same process, naming the card in your hand and exchanging it for the one in the pocket. Same with the third and fourth spectators. You will have to remember these cards and their order.

Finally, put the supposed Joker, really the card from the fourth person's pocket, face down on the table and have the first person take out his card without looking at it and put it face down on the supposed Joker. Drop the rest of the pack on top. Lift the pack with your left hand by the sides as you say, "Yours was the only card I am doubtful about." Bend your head down pretending to listen, then say, "Yes I was right it is the 7S." With the tip of the left third finger draw back the bottom card and with the right hand pull out the next, the Joker, throwing it face up on the table, and next the 7S. Pick up the Joker and with it touch the spectators' pockets, again name the three cards. They are taken out and verified.

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