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This is an adaptation of "The Whispering Queen."

Using any pack that has a Joker, have it shuffled by a spectator. Take it and in removing the Joker sight and memorize the second, third, and fourth cards from the bottom. Invite a spectator to cut about the middle, put the packets on the table and place his hands on top of them. Tell him to lift one hand. If he lifts the hand from the original bottom half of the pack you say, "You want to use this packet ? Very well." Hand it to him and put the other aside. But if he raises the other hand simply remove that packet and let him retain the one under his hand. Give any plausible reason that occurs to you and have him count the cards face down. Whatever the number may be you say, "That's fine. I think we'll succeed." Tell him to take off the top card and put it in the middle, do the same with the bottom card, and put the next card in his pocket without looking at it. The next two cards are put in the pockets of two other persons, also without being looked. Now since these three cards are the ones you memorized you have no difficulty in naming them, pretending, of course, to get the information from the Joker which you insert in the pockets and study carefully each time.

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