The Encyclopedia of Card Tricks

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Encyclopedia of Card Tricks

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Chapter I ~Miscellaneous Tricks~ Contents

Card and Crystal Ball, The Card Detectives Card Doctor, The Card Miracle-Certain, The

1. Tucker's Version

2. Abbott's Version

3. The Nelson Downs Original Cards Of Chance

Color Divination

Cut in Detection

"Easy" Card in Wallet, The

Find The Queen

Finger Points, The

Five Card Mental Force, The

In His Pocket

"Just Think" Mental Mystery Magic Breath, The Magic Thrust, The Matching The Aces Naming Cards in the Dark New Card Discovery Prediction Push

Reversed Court Card Sagacious Joker N°1, The Sagacious Joker N°2, The Sagacious Joker N°3, The Sagacious Joker N°4, The Secret Mathematician N° 1, The

Secret Mathematician N° 2, The Self Control Sleight Of Foot Smart Location, A Stampedo

Super Card Prediction Surpasso

Thought Card from Pocket Trio, The Twin Souls U Find Your Card Unknown Leaper, The Vanishing Pair, The Whispering Queen, The

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