System for Arranging Cards for any Spelling Combination

THE method, given in the original typescript Encyclopedia, for arranging any desired spelling combination, was very laborious and uncertain: it was simply that of working the combination backwards. The following is a much better and absolutely sure method whereby any arrangement can be worked out quickly and easily. Suppose for example, you desire to get the formula for spelling the cards of one suit from the Ace to the King, one card to be put from the top to the bottom of the packet for each letter, and the card spelt to be turned up following the last letter; take a pencil and paper and mark off thirteen spaces in a row.

Spell A-C-E, tapping one space for each letter and mark A in the fourth space: spell T-W-O. and put 2 in the fourth space following: spell T-H-R-E-E and mark 3 in the sixth space farther on, which will bring you to the first space in the row: spell F-O-U-R and mark 4 in the fifth space

farther on: continue in exactly the same way, counting the empty spaces only, ignoring those filled until you finally write in the King, with the result that the formula will read:

which will be found to bring about the exact result required.

The same system can be applied to any combination. Another example showing its application to a trick follows.

The effect to be brought about is this: from a thoroughly shuffled pack the magician takes all the cards of a selected suit, as they lie after the shuffle and tells the following story, at each word he puts a card under the packet and turns a card whenever its name is mentioned. He says:

'This is the tale of the Jack of Hearts (JH) who stole the tarts, he ate (8) seventy-five (7) (5) and was so sick (6) the King (K) thought he was threatened (3) (10) with appendicitis, but the Queen (Q) at once (A) came to (2) the rescue and by good fortune (4) saved his life; like the cat he had nine (9).'

To arrive at the necessary formula, again mark out thirteen spaces: repeat the story, tapping one space for each word, and insert the card as each one is named. The first round will fill the seventh space with JH and the thirteenth space with the 8: the next round will fill the first space with the 7 and the next with the 5, and the 6 will go in the sixth space, ignoring that already filled by the JH; the next, the K goes into the ninth space, and so on until all the spaces are filled and the complete formula runs: 7, 5, 3, 10, 9, 6, J, A, K, 4, 2, Q, 8

This will be found to bring out the cards correctly.

To work the trick, put any thirteen cards on top of the Heart suit, arranged according to the formula, and place these twenty-six cards on top of the remainder of the pack. You have a card selected, being careful to spread the Hearts only, since a Heart must be drawn, and have it returned to the same position, telling the spectator to remember the suit only. Split the pack at the 8H with the right thumb and riffle shuffle slowly and openly, calling attention to the thorough way the cards are being mixed. Square up and again split the pack for another riffle shuffle, this time being careful to see the 7H fall from the right thumb before dividing the pack. Shuffle slowly and openly again. Everyone will be convinced that the cards are hopelessly mixed; however, the first shuffle merely distributed the Hearts through the lower part of the pack, while the second spread them throughout the whole pack, but in each case the relative positions of the Heart cards remain the same-and when the intervening cards are eliminated their original order remains undisturbed.

Now inquire what the suit of the chosen card was: the answer being 'Hearts', you turn the pack face up and take the Hearts out, as they lie, one by one. This process will reverse their order, so pick up the packet and deal the cards one by one, face down, under pretense of counting them. The double shuffle, the removal from the pack and the counting will have convinced the spectators that the cards must be in haphazard order and the effect when they come out at appropriate times in the telling of the story will be surprising.

As an opening feat for a card routine for small audiences 1 know of none better. The system and the principle of the double shuffle were devised by me over thirty years ago and they are but little known even yet.

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