New Card Discovery

Using any pack that has been freely shuffled, secretly note and remember the top and bottom cards. Looking through the pack to remove the Joker gives a good opportunity for doing this. Then riffle shuffle letting the last card of the left-hand portion fall first, and the last card of the right-hand packet fall last, so that the two cards remain in position. With little practice the cards can be spotted while riffle shuffling. Have any card selected, have it noted and replaced on the top, under-cut burying it in the middle but really bringing it between the two noted cards. You may let the spectator make a short overhand shuffle without danger of separating the cards, or the cards may be cut as often as you please with complete cuts.

Knowing the position of the card you can locate it by running over the faces and finally reveal it as you please. A better way is to riffle the index corners till you spot the noted cards and cut at that point, but this requires some practice.

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