Naming Cards in the Dark

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USING a borrowed pack which has been thoroughly shuffled you have given it to any spectator who may be chosen. The lights are put out and this person places any card in your hand. You at once name it and when the lights are put on again you are seen to have called it correctly. The effect may be repeated.

At any favorable opportunity, for instance in the course of a trick in which you had to turn your back to the spectators with the pack in your hands, take off the top two or three cards, memorize them and slip them into a vest pocket. Before the lights are put out hold your hand near to the spectator who has the pack so that he can place a card on it without fumbling. When the lights are put out and he puts a card on your hand, at once slip into a pocket and take out the first of the cards memorized from your vest pocket. Place it face down on your hand and put your hand out in the same position as before.

The trick bears repetition and simple as it is has proved baffling if a little semi-scientific talk is introduced about the development possible with the sense of touch and so on.

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