Lu Brent

Using any pack allow a spectator to shuffle the cards, then divide them into two packets and give you one. Tell him that while your back is turned he is to select any card from his packet, note what it is and put it face down on the top of his packet. Turn away and with your elbows pressed to your sides reverse the card on the bottom of your packet and also the second card from the top. When the spectator is ready, turn round, place your packet on top of his and tell him to put the pack behind his back. Next he is to take off the top card and put it at the bottom of the pack, then to turn the present top card over and thrust it into the middle. This done he brings the pack forward and you spread it, revealing one reversed card: divide the pack at this point, have him name his card, turn over the card below the reversed card, it is his card, thus proving that he found it himself.

What really happens is obvious enough: in reversing a card he simply rights the card already reversed by you so that it is lost among the other cards when he inserts it. The other card reversed by you at the bottom of your packet is the one that shows up above, as of course it has to do.

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