Lawrence Gray Impromptu

This trick which was one of the first and is still one of the best of impromptu spelling tricks, was not included in the original Encyclopedia although several tricks based on it were.

A card is forced, or sighted, by the magician. It is replaced in the pack which is shuffled by the spectator. Taking the pack, the performer runs through it, face up, to show that the card has not been removed. When he comes to the selected card (say for instance it was the 10C), he begins to spell its name, TEN-OF-CLUBS, passing one card for each letter, and when he arrives at the last letter, S, he inserts the tip of his left little finger above it and holds a break at that point, but keeps right on running through the pack without pausing. He cuts the pack at the break and hands it to the spectator, instructing him to spell the name of his card, dealing one card for each letter and turning up the last card so dealt. The spectator does this and, of course, finds his own card.

Instead of forcing a card, the bottom card of the pack may be sighted and when the pack is divided for the return of the chosen card, this is done by an under cut, so that the sighted card is brought above it. A casual overhand shuffle will not separate the two cards. When running over the faces of the cards the performer has simply to watch for the sighted card and start his spelling on the next. It sometimes happens that the card does not show up until there are not enough cards above it for the spelling, in that case stop when there are only about ten cards to be run over, cut the pack and start again from the face card. The trick bears repetition.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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