IN TAKING a pack from its case quickly note the top two cards and let them slip back into the case as you take out the remainder. On a slip of paper write the names of these two cards, fold it and hand it to someone to hold. Have the pack shuffled, then cut into two parts and one part handed to you. Pick up the case and slide this chosen packet into it: by making a break with the thumb at one corner and pushing this corner into the case first, the two cards in the case will be forced into its middle.

From the remaining packet deal four cards in a row face down. Look at the first, call its name as you deal it and give the spectators a glimpse of it; miscall the next two as the two cards you wrote on the slip and don't let their faces be seen as you deal them; name the last one correctly and again give the audience a glimpse of it as you lay it down. Allow a choice of the inside pair or the outside pair. Interpret reply that the inside cards are to be used and thrust them into the packet. Give it to be held. Order the two cards to fly to the packet in the case. The packets are examined and the deed has been done.

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