Remove the four A's from the pack remarking that you will expose how gamblers cheat. Show the A's Ad replace them in the pack reversed and hand the cards to be shuffled. Explain that gamblers have been known to use a small mirror concealed behind something on the table. 'For example,' you say, 'we will hide the mirror behind this book on the table.' Pretend to place a small something behind the book. 'Now, as the gambler deals the cards he is able to tell the identity of each card, and when he comes to an ace he deals it to whichever hands lie wishes, like this.' while talking pretend to see the faces of the cards in the mirror behind the book, and when you come to the A's toss them to one side; you know them by the reversed back pattern, of course.

Show these cards to be A's and for the climax, remark--'But if one is a magician he goes the gambler one better... will someone remove the book?' And to their surprise there is no mirror there.

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