Any full pack and its case may be used. Allow a spectator to shuffle the cards, retaining one and hand the remainder to you. Square these carefully and insert them in the case. The spectator having noted his card, turn your back and hold out the case, open end towards him, asking him to insert his card somewhere in the middle. By pressing on the end of the case with your finger and thumb the card will be prevented from going exactly flush with the rest. Have the flap pushed in.

Keeping your back turned while the spectator writes the name of his card, quickly open the case, grip the pack tightly and pull all the cards half-way out of the case. Run your thumb lightly over the ends and pull out the one card that protrudes slightly, put it in a vest pocket, sighting it as you do so, close the flap again, turn and toss card case on the table. You not only know the card but you have possession of it and you can finish the trick as you wish.

Keep your elbows pressed closely to your sides as you extract the card from the case so that your movements are not betrayed to the spectators.

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