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THE pack, having been shuffled by a spectator, is returned to performer who takes it in right hand, at the same time casually pulling up left sleeve followed by the left hand pulling up right sleeve. When right hand with pack pulled up left sleeve, the bottom card of pack was easily spotted. Asking spectator if he is satisfied, a pass is made and card brought to about two-thirds down in pack. A slight break is held at this spot. The thumb of left hand now runs the cards of the upper portion, fanwise over into the right hand, the person being, at the same time, invited to take one. When about half of the upper portion has been passes, a card, NOT THE ONE TO BE FORCED, is pushed temptingly forward. The person may be inclined to take it-whether he is so inclined or not, the performer draws it back, with the remark. 'Oh! not necessarily that one.' This gives him confidence, and the performer continues to pass the cards over to the right hand, spreading them nicely fanwise, until he reaches the one to be forced, which he exposes a little more than usual, then continues, 'Just take any one you please.' It will, of course, be understood that the action must be timed, as near as possible, to meet the hand, as it is raised to draw a card.

The card to be forced is on the bottom of pack. The cards are run from left to right in the usual manner, but the action is started while approaching the audience so as to give time for the following maneuver: With the second and third fingers of the left and right hand work the bottom card over toward right side. The cards are still run from left to right passing above the chosen card. Ask someone in the audience to indicate his choice by touching the card desired. When it is indicated lift up this card with all the cards above it and as the pack is squared up the forced card slips in from below.

In this method a few top cards are prearranged. Three cards of one number (say five) are placed on the top of the pack and the card to be forced then placed at eight from the top. The pack is false shuffled, keeping the top eight cards in place. The three top cards are then dealt on to table in a row and one selected while face down. This one is turned over and the spectator handed pack to count down and remove the fifth card, which is the right one.

What is known as the 'bridge' makes possible a neat cutting force. The card is on bottom of pack. Cutting same about center, the lower half, which is to be placed on top, is given a bend (concave) at the ends. Spectator is asked to cut pack somewhere and look at face card of cut. If cut is made at sides, this will work time after time, as the slight break at sides will cause upper half to be lifted off by a quick cut. By bending the sides, the bridge can be placed at ends for an end cut. Previous cutting by the spectator will give you this information. Most cuts are at sides.

Place a short card near center of the pack. Card to be forced mentally is above it. Hold pack straight up in front of spectator. With first or second right fingers riffle top of pack from face to back, smoothly and without a stop. Ask spectator to note cards and to think of one that he sees. Practice before a mirror to get speed. The short card will click by and the following card will register on the spectator when the rest of the pack is a slow blur. Don't try to stop at the card but let it work itself. It will seem impossible at times that a card will show up in this way but try it before several people before you judge.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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