End Strippers

WHILE the principle of stripping the ends of cards has been known and used by gamblers for generations and was certainly originated for the purpose of cheating at cards it has remained practically unknown to magicians generally speaking. This is rather a curious fact since there are many fine effects possible only with end strippers while everything that can be done with the side strippers can also be done with the end variety. Again the cards can be so finely cut that detection is practically impossible and such cards can be freely used even with those that know all about side strippers without arousing suspicion.

With the cards all set the one way the various methods for getting a chosen card reversed in the pack which have already been explained for the side strippers, can be brought into play. When the card has been reversed, or the pack reversed, which comes to the same thing, the projecting edge can be detected instantly in the mere act of squaring the pack with the thumb on one end and the fingers on the other. It is an easy matter then to make a break under the card and make the pass bringing it to the bottom, or to break the pack at that point and execute a riffle shuffle bringing the card to the bottom; or again to secure the card in the right hand by means of the side palm; or simplest of all to make a regular overhand shuffle, the projecting edge making the reversed card cling to the fingers so that it can be put at the top or bottom as the last movement in the shuffle.

All the tricks for which side strippers are generally used can be done with the end strippers. As for the special effects which can only be done with the end strippers space will permit of the explanation of but a few of them. The reader will no doubt find out novel applications of the principle for himself.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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