ALLOW a spectator to shuffle the cards (any pack). Take them back and under pretence of removing the Joker, memorize the three cards below the top card. Riffle shuffle, retaining the four top cards in the same position. Put the pack on the table and ask the spectator to cut it into two packets. Say that you will 'take' one packet and invite him to touch one. If he touches the original lower portion of the pack, take it and put it aside: if he touches the original top portion tell him to take it. In any case that is the packet he must get.

Instruct him to take the top card of this packet and posh it into the middle, the same with the bottom card, then to take the top card and put it face down on the table and hand the second and third cards to two other spectators. Now proceed to reveal the cards by mind reading, pulse reading or any other way that pleases your fancy.

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