Diachylon Book Test Forcing A Number

THIS subtle forcing of cards to represent numbers was originated for use in connection with a book test. It will suffice here to explain the method of forcing only.

Suppose, for instance you desire to force the number 364. From a pack of cards take out any 3 spot, 4 spot and 6 spot and prepare the backs with diachylon. To each of them press any other card so that each pair is back to back. Place the three double cards, the diachylon causing each pair to adhere, on the face of the pack with the faces of the three indifferent cards showing.

When the time comes to force the number introduce the pack, take off the three bottom cards and stand them, faces outwards against a book, a glass or any other object, remarking that they will be used as indicators. Hand the remainder of the pack to be thoroughly shuffled.

Let a spectator cut the pack about one-third down, place one of the indicator cards face up on the lower portion and have the cut replaced. Go to another person and repeat the process, having the cut made about half way in the pack and the last cut about two-thirds down. When putting the double cards face up in the pack be careful no one can get a glimpse of the card below. State that the cards following the face-up indicator cards will be used to represent the number required, pointing out that the method employed ensures that the number is arrived at by pure chance. Run over the backs of the cards and on coming to the first reversed card press the two cards apart, take away the faced card and have a spectator remove the next card himself. Do the same with the next two faced cards. The values of the cards being taken as numerals, the required number is forced.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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