Card Tricks

Originally Compiled by Glenn Gravatt

Revised and Expanded by Jean Hugard

Associate Editor John J. Crimmings, Jr.

This html version © 1999 José Antonio González

1. Miscellaneous Impromptu Card Tricks

2. Spelling Effects in Card Magic

3. "You do as I do" Card Mysteries

4. Card Subtleties Utilizing Key Cards

5. "Slick" Principles in Card Magic

6. Card Mysteries Employing Diachylon

7. Double-Back Mysteries in Card Magic

8. Magic Utilizing Double-Face Cards

9. Card Mysteries Using a One-Way Back Design

10. Mysteries using "Reversed" Ordinary Cards

11. Calculation Tricks with Ordinary Cards

12. Mysteries of an Prearranged Ordinary Pack of Cards

13. Magic with a Svengali Pack of Cards

14. Magic with a Mene-tekel Pack of Cards

15. Magic with a Stripper Pack of Cards

16. Magical Mysteries with Special Packs, etc.

17. The Use of Short Cards in Magical Effects

18. More Miscellaneous Tricks

19. Indispensable Sleights

20. The Nikola Card System

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