Card Memory


EFFECT. Pack is shuffled, divided in half, one half is chosen by a spectator and read through once to the performer, who then leaves the room but remains within hearing distance. Spectator spreads the cards in a row face up and the performer names the cards in order both ways and names the cards at any numbers or the number of any card.

METHOD. The cards are arranged but the arrangement can vary every time. Separate the black cards from the red, shuffle the reds and spread them face up from left to right. Take the black cards and arrange the values in the same order exactly, but where you have a H in the reds use a C in the blacks and for D's use S's. Therefore supposing the sixth card in the red packet is the JH, you know that the sixth card in the black packet will be the JC and so on. Put the two packets together making a bridge between them.

To begin, show the pack, cut at the bridge and riffle the two packets together, calling attention to the fairness of the shuffle. Say that a full packet makes the effect too lengthy and that you will use half the cards only. Turn pack face up and deal one by one, the reds in one pile, the blacks in the other Turn them face down and have a spectator choose one packet. Carelessly drop the other into your pocket. Have him cut the chosen pile several times and then call the names of the cards to you just once. Listen, pretending intense concentration, but remember the last card only. Leave the room, take the packet from your pocket, cut so that the card corresponding with the last card called by the spectator is at the face thus putting it in exactly the same order as the other packet.

Hold the packet face down and deal them face up and overlapping in a row from left to right, naming each card aloud as you turn it. After every fifth card jog the next five up and down alternately about an inch. After you have called all the cards you can locate any number instantly and call the card at any number named and vice versa.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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