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THIS location can only be used satisfactorily with one-way cards that have the distinguishing mark somewhere near the top left-hand corner so that it can be located when the cards are fanned from right to left, the natural way. The advantage is that the cards do not have to be set all the one way.

After having such a pack shuffled by the spectator to his satisfaction spread the cards and allow him to take any card he pleases and note what it is. When he returns his card, by pushing it in the spread, quickly note the way it and five cards above it lie, starting at the fifth card above it and mentally saying to yourself 'Up, down, down, down, up, down,' or whatever the combination may be. Push the card flush, close the spread and square the pack. Put it down and have it cut several times with complete cuts. You can then locate the cards by turning away and running over the cards till you come to the sequence or deal the cards on the table locating it as you do so. There may possibly be a similar sequence by coincidence, in which case you place one of the cards at the top the other at the bottom. Have the card named and show it accordingly.

You can repeat by having the spectator name any number between ten and fifty-two then deal that number of cards face down and note the top card of the pile when the number is reached. In this case mentally subtract five from the number chosen and when that card is dealt memorize its position and the five cards following it. The rest of the pack is dropped on top, the pack squared and cut. In this case as the sequence is reversed, you must either turn your back to find it, or deal the cards with them face up in your left hand, turning them face down as you put them on the table.

When the card is located it is a weak finish to simply hand the card out. Produce it in some magical fashion.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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