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THIS may very well follow the last trick. Pick up the A's and the rest of the cards casually and without remark, but see that the A's go on the top. Execute several riffle shuffles retaining the four top cards in that position. If you can follow this with a false shuffle and several false cuts do so. Anyway you should have the four A's on the top without the audience having the slightest suspicion that they are there. Ask a spectator to cut the pack at about the middle and then each of the two packets in half again. Keep note of the packet with the A's. Pretend that one of the piles has a few cards too many (not the A packet), and ask the spectator to transfer a few cards from it to one of the other indifferent piles. Continue the same maneuver with the three indifferent piles. Then have him transfer one card from the A pile to one of the others. Next a couple of cards from one of the two indifferent piles to the other, then two from the A pile on to one of these two heaps, finally (after carefully studying the size of the packets), transfer one of the last two cards to the last indifferent heap. After all this apparently indiscriminate jockeying around of the cards of the turning up of the A's, one on each pile, is a baffling effect.

The moves, of course, may be made in any way you please, so long as you keep track of the A's.

Instead of using four A's have four memorized cards on the top of the pack. Have the pack cut into four piles by the spectator and then keeping track of the four cards have the top cards shifted around as above, finishing with one of the memorized cards on each packet. Name them and have the cards turned over. Always use a borrowed pack to avoid suspicion of using marked cards. This is G. G. Gravatt's variation.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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