FROM any pack which has been shuffled by a spectator, let a card be freely selected and noted. Have it replaced and bring it to the top by whatever method you use, and false shuffle, leaving it in that position. Let a second spectator draw a card, show it and ask if it is the card first chosen. On being assured that it is not, lay it face up on the top of the pack.

Ask the spectator who drew the first card to stand on your left side, facing the audience with you. Tell him he is to hold his hands behind his back and that you will place the cards in his hands, he is then to at once draw off the reversed card from the top and thrust it in the middle of the pack. As you put the pack behind his back, make the Charlier pass bringing the reversed card and the chosen card next to it to the middle, and put the pack in his hands. He takes the top card, which faces the same way as the rest, and pushes it into the middle of the pack where it is simply lost. Let him then bring the pack forward and spread it revealing the reversed card. Tell him to cut at this card and name the one he chose. He turns over the next card and the effect is that he has himself discovered his own card.

The trick is included in this section because the necessary one-hand pass can be done so slowly, the cards being out of sight behind the spectator's back, that no sleight of hand is necessary.

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