This is worked on the same principle as 'Card Memory'.

Arrange a pack exactly in the same way with a bridge between the two sets of reds and blacks.

Show the pack, divide it at the bridge, execute a riffle shuffle and then deal the packets, reds and blacks, just as in the preceding trick. Both packets are in the same order as set up.

Ask a spectator to choose a packet, to think of any number from one to twenty-six and name it. Address a second spectator and tell him he is to take the other packet, run over the faces of the cards and think of any card he may see. As you say this you have picked up the packet and run over the faces as if showing the second man what he is to do, really you locate the card at the number called by the first person. To do this quickly, subtract the number from twenty-six, count as you fan from the face card, and when you reach the number note the next card, which tells you the card in the first packet at the number called. If it is the 7S for instance, you remember the 7D.

The second spectator names his card. Have the first person hold his packet to your forehead as he repeats his number. You name the card, and as he deals face up counting to that card note where the second person's card lies and remember the number. He, in his turn puts the pack to your forehead and you call the number at which his card lies in his packet. If the mate of the card does not appear you must pick up the first packet and quickly continue the count as you show that all the cards are different.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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