Thumbs Down Wayne Kyzer

This is comedy card trick which is to be played strictly for laughs. In effect, a card is selected and replaced in the pack. The magician holds the pack in his right hand above the table top. He asks the spectator to slap the deck as hard as he can. He states that after the cards are slapped, his lucky finger will be able to hold on to one card -- the chosen card.

This all sounds perfectly logical, but when the deck is slapped, all Micky Hades breaks loose. The magician screams and holds his right hand with his left as he jumps up and down. Upon looking at the hand, the spectators realize that the magician is missing his lucky finger. "It should be on the chosen cardI" the magician yells." When they look down on the table, there is one card with a finger on it, the chosen card.

The Work. All that is necessary to perform the trick is a little rubber cement, a duplicate card, and a realistic looking rubber finger. While they won't believe it's the real thing, it should look the part to add to the shock value.

Start by rubber cementing the rubber finger to the face of the duplicate card. Have this card on the bottom of the deck. Force the other duplicate on a spectator. Have it noted and returned to the deck. There is no need to control it.

Grasp the deck with the right hand with the fingers underneath and the thumb on top. Hold the deck above a table or you can use the floor. Ask the spectator to hit the pack as hard as he or she can. "Don't worry, you can't hurt me." (J always pick a wimp just to make sure that he doesn't hurt me.)

When he slaps the deck out of your hand, yell and grab your 'right hand with your left. Simultaneously, fold your right third finger (whichever finger matches the fake the closest) into your right palm. The scream has caught than off guard. Also, they are wondering whether or not they really hurt you.

Look down at the cards. If you can see the finger, yell, "There it is!" If not, you can spot which card it is under and use your left hand to flip that card over. "That must be your card. My lucky finger found it!"

To finish, hold the card up to the hand and place the rubber finger in the gap between the other fingers. Then, take the card and place it in your right coat pocket along with the fake finger. Remove your right hand with the fingers intact, and pull a few times on the third finger just to make sure it is on tight.

Regurgitations. This is a funny routine. Wayne did it for me and I thought I really hurt him. (For a moment, I actually enjoyed one of Wayne's card tricks.) I didn't have time mentally to decipher all that was happening and to realize that he was faking it. He was yelling, the cards were all over the floor, and I had soiled his couch. By the time I realized he was pulling my leg, all of the evidence was in his pocket and he was pulling on his finger.

Steve Beam

This is a quick and entertaining opener for a series of card tricks. It allows you to complete a fairly impressive trick within sixty seconds of removing the cards from the case. It also has the added advantage of appearing (at least to the dim-witted) off the cuff.

In effect, the magician removes a deck of cards from the card case. He makes the comment that the cards are already well mixed. However, upon spreading then face up, he is surprised to find that they are in new deck order. "Oh, wait a minute! I forgot this was a new deck and I didn't read the label." He turns the card case over and shows a small label which says, "Shake Well Before Using". He hands the pack to a spectator and asks her to shake the cards vigorously. He takes the pack back and spreads then to show that the cards are now well mixed.

The Work. The method is extremely simple and can be used under almost any conditions. The possibilities for humor are obvious. Start with the deck arranged from the face: Ace through king of diamonds, ace through king of spades, ace of hearts, two of hearts, the rest of the deck well shuffled between the reds and the blacks.

Find a label which says something like "Shake Well" or "Shake Well Before Using" which you can place on the deck of cards. The one I am using came off a bottle of Squeeze Parkay Margarine (or was it butter?). Place the cards in the case and you are ready to proceed.

To perform, remove the case being careful not to flash the label. Remove the cards and place the case on the table, label down. Conment that the cards are well mixed. Spread them from your left hand into your right, apparently surprised that the cards are in new deck order. Spread slowly but casually. You are looking for the ace of hearts which is in the middle of deck and which separates the mixed from the arranged cards. The red deuce under the ace acts as insurance in case you spread too far- (I get excited when performing these tricks too.)

Square the cards, retaining a little finger break above the ace of hearts. Reach over and turn the case over displaying the "Shake Well" label. As they read the label, you have all the misdirection you need to execute the only sleight in the trick. You have to execute some form of pass. I prefer the classic, but you may prefer one of fifty others (including the Turn Over Pass). This pass switches the set up half for the random half.

After they have time to chuckle at the label and your apparent mistake, hand the cards to a spectator with the instructions that they shake the cards vigorously. (Of course you can shake them yourself. I think it's funnier to have a spectator do it.) When the cards are returned, spread them out once again (the top 26) showing that the cards are now mixed.

Regurgitations. These are the kinds of bits I am always looking for. With several of these interspersed with the regular card tricks and presented properly, you can't help but to be entertaining.

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