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You've heard of Dai Vernon's "Trick That Cannot Be Explained" from his liner Secret Secies. Well, this is "The Trick That Cannot Be Printed." Every once and a while I get a contribution that I do not print. I normally write a letter to the contributor explaining my reasons. Many times I feel it is too similar to stuff already in print. However, this is the first time I've refused to publish a trick on general principles.

It was contributed by Wayne R. Kyzer of Columbia, S.C. While this could cost our friendship (which I'll agree would not be classified as a catastrophe) I must unequivocably state that I am surprised that he would even think that I would publish it.

You see, Wayne wants me to tell you to use the king of spades from an ordinary deck. In the middle of the king you would place the picture of one of the prominent black comedians who makes fun of his ethnic background

or "blackground". (I'm sure this is already beginning to disgust you.) Now place this card in an envelope and the envelope on your table. This would be your prediction if you were low-life enough to use it.

Start with the regular king of spades as the ninth card from the top of the deck. Bun through the old nine force to force the king. That is, ask for any number between ten and twenty. Let's say they call out eighteen. Deal eighteen cards from the top of the deck. Now ask them to add the digits of the number they called out. In our example, 8 + 1 equals nine. They are to deal nine cards back onto the deck from the packet. The next card is the king of spades, your force card. He is requested to call the name of the card out so that all may hear.

From here it gets worse. Wayne now suggests that you have the card-selector remove your prediction to compare results. He opens the envelope and is supposed to laugh at the results.

, I hope that you are as appalled as I and will support my stand on this all-important issue. There are already enough color-separation tricks in magic without contributing to the list. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.


I've always thought that magicians ought to share their thinking with each other when it comes to things non-magical. I'm not talking about their thoughts on the world in general — just those ideas which would benefit other magicians.

Mary of you are probably trying to talk your wives into letting you use household funds to buy a VCR for watching magic tapes. You may even be so bold (I was) as to go for the matching camera. I am going to share with you the strategy I used to put a VCR in ny house in less than two weeks.

Below you will find the line you are to use followed by the real meaning (translation) in parenthesis. (Hake sure you don't confuse the two. Using the translation instead of the line will botch the whole deal.)

"Honey (Pigeon), I think we should buy (finance) a VCR for us (me). Just think how many uses we could come up with around the house (in the magic roam) • We (I) could watch movies with Cary Grant (Dai Vernon) and Clark Gable (Ed Mario). We (I) could take it on both short trips (ring meetings) and long trips (conventions).

Just think of the fun we (I) will have at family reunions (conventions) where we can capture on film people we may never see again. (After all, Dai is pushing a hundred.)

I know that it needs to be properly cared for and maintained, but I am willing to make that my responsibility. (It will be Mr VCR. Nobody, but nobody, will have any reason to use it ever I)

Since you work too, we can use it to tape different guests on the various magazine-type shows. (I can tape contributors to Tbe Trapdoor.) We could also tape your soap operas (David Copperfield specials). Not only that, this will allow us to keep up with the Jones (the Loraynes).

Honey, the kids will only be young once and so we need the camera too. (Let's buy it before they get old enough to want to waste film on silly things like proms and graduations.)

Won't it be wonderful to look back in ten years and see what Casey looks like today (and which card she was choosing at the time).

And Sweetykins (still Pigeon) the VCR's are so easy to operate that the whole family can enjoy it. (Unless of course, I hide the manual.)

I know it's a lot of money. But why should I buy. you something extravagant like a diamond (rhinestone) necklace like I did last Christmas (Christmas & birthday combined) which only you can enjoy? Instead, why not buy something like a

VCR which we all (only I) can enjcy.

If she follows all of this with, "Don't you ever call me "Pigeon" again 1" she probably saw through the whole thing and you should try again later.


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