The Dip Switch John Riggs

This is a coin switch which is reminiscent of "The Lazy Man's Deck Switch" from They Don't Make Trapdoors Like They Used To; Or You Too Can Walk

On Water. While the methods are completely different, they are both based on a good line of bull.

Let's say that you want to use a borrowed quarter to perform a trick which requires a gimmicked quarter. Start with the gimmicked quarter in your left pants pocket. Thrust both hands in your pockets and rattle your change. (Try to get them to pay you before the show so that you will have something to rattle.) This is accompanied by, "I'm a little short on change. Does anybody have a quarter?"

Take their quarter in your left hand and put it in your pocket and say, "Thanks. Like I was saying, does anybody want to pick a card?" This should elicit seme form of response since you are apparently trying to cheat him out of his quarter. During this line, your left hand remains in your left pocket. After the reaction, pretend to remove the same coin and hand it back to him with, "I was just kidding." Actually, while your hand was in the pocket, it switched his coin for the gimmicked coin. Hold the coin as if you are handing it back to the one who loaned it to you. As soon as they are about to take it from you, take it just out of their reach as you talk to someone else in the audience. When the "loaner" (sucker) relaxes, start to hand it to him again. And again, remove it from his reach as you carry on an important conversation with the rest of the audience. Do this as long as it remains funny. Then say, "While I have this coin, let me shew you something with it."

At the end of the trick which requires the gimmicked coin, ask the spectator if the coin you are holding is the one he gave you. He will say that it is. Thank him and place it in your pocket (since he gave it to you). This an old gag which even non-magicians are familiar with -

but it still gets a laugh. While the coin is in your pocket, switch it for the borrowed coin. When the laughter subsides (one second later) remove the coin and hand it back to the spectator. You have turned a regular switch into a humorous bit of fcyplay.

Regurgitations. The ending described in the last paragraph could have one weakness. I can picture myself in the audience some time in the future watching one of the subscribers performing this switch for a group of laymen. When he is ready for the second switch, he asks, "Is this the coin you gave me?" To which the spectator replies, "No. This is the coin you switched it for when you went into your pocket earlier." (To avoid this, John has since switched the line to, "Are you the person who gave me this coin? Thanks!")

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Fundamentals of Magick

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