When it came time to increase the price of a subscription to $25.00. I wanted to be reasonable. So, I decided to send the Trapdoor Price Patrol out into the real world to see what $25-00 would buy- They put together a questionalre which was mailed to all of the reputable businesses within a 100 mile radius. The results of the poll are still being tabulated but Marcos has been reelected. While waiting for the final results, I thought I would print a few of the individual responses. Below you will find three different businesses along with a description of what they said you could buy at their establishment for $25-00-

Myrna's Roadside Grill- Snelling,

SC - Four burgers with the works, six orders of refried french fries, four non-alcoholic barely carbonated beverages, and six Maalox antacid tablets with Simethicone, with tax and facilities $24.85-

Williston International Airways,

Williston, SC. One ticket to Barnwell. SC on a clear day with visual flight rules and a tailwind. According to the pilot, "The parachute is extra and probably necessary since we don't land in Barnwell" Price with tax and search for survivors $23.50-

Frotjnore' s Travel Agent To The Stars, Frogmore, SC. One brochure for any Bahama cruise plus one package of generic postcards (blank on both sides so you can draw the place on the other side) $24-25

As you can see from the above responses, $25-00 is reasonable for an item which lasts for a whole year-The jury is still out on whether to include the Maalox tablets with the increased price.

Meanwhile, send $25-00 to:

Trapdoor Productions 1058 Marilyn St.

Williston, SC 29853 USA

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