Greg Eanes

This was Greg's version of a Steve Duscheck trick which was marketed a few years ago. It involved a far more complicated set-up than the one presented here.

In this version, treat the face of the silicard instead of the back. We will assume that you are using a blue-backed joker with its face treated. Start with the joker on the bottom of the deck. A few cards above this, have a red backed card face up (use the 3H for our example). Above this, have the rest of the face down blue deck. False shuffle until you have thinned your audience down to the ideal number for close-up magic.

Ask a spectator to take the deck behind his back. Ask him to remove any card from the middle of the deck and place it face up on top. They are then to cut the deck in the middle. This places the Silicard directly on top of their card. Tell them to hand you the deck which you immediately ribbon spread face down on the table. Only the three of hearts will show face up. Their card is "killed" or "negated" by the Silicard.

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