Greg Eanes

This is a unique handling for a signed card to card case and a unique application of the silicard idea. This time, treat the card case with the silicone sealant. Treat the front of the case, the side with the half moon missing from the top edge. The deck is ordinary.

Have a card selected, returned, and secretly controlled to the top of the deck. Ribbon spread the deck face down on the table. Elaborate on the fact that neither of you knew the location of their selection. Place the gimmicked case gimmick side down squarely on top of the top card of the spread. Ask the selector to slide the case along the spread until he thinks it is directly above his selection. When he does, the chosen card will ride the spread beneath the case. It is really wild to see. Even you won't see the card.

When he is happy with the location of the case, slide it directly back toward you. The selection will continue to cling to the case.

Pretend to be looking for their card in the spread where they stopped the case. When you can't find it, lift up the case with the card underneath it. Remember that the gimmick only works when you rub it against another object. It will not cling to the case if you simply lift the case up in the air. Therefore, you must use your fingers and thumb to secretly lift the card with the case.

All that is left is to open the flap of the case and remove the card f rem underneath the case as if it were coming from inside.

Regurgitations. This has been a short course in the use of a new ginmick, the Silicard. You should be able to come up with several uses for it and you don't have to restrict it to playing cards. It gives you many of the same advantages of the rough smooth concept with the advantage that only one card has to be treated, and it can be a joker.

I would present the Silicase just explained a little differently than Greg would. I would say that all of the cards were hungry when I left the house for the show. However, the card they chose was even more so since it had been through the most. I would then put some sort of card food in the case. An example of this would be little round pieces of playing cards with holes in the middle. These would be the "Card Cheerios". Anyway, I would then pass the case over the spread where the hungriest of the cards, the selection, would leap into the case. (Then again, maybe I would use Greg's presentation. I have a tendency to get carried away.)

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